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Yoga Therapy Academy grew out of my desire to offer respectful, intelligently-crafted courses custom-designed for people whom I may not be able to serve through my busy private practice. Drawing on twenty years of intensive work with people representing many different professional and social communities and with a wide range of specific needs, the techniques and practices taught in Yoga Therapy Academy are calibrated to particular lifestyles and time constrictions so that they can easily be woven into your daily routine. For example, the course for healthcare providers was built by drawing on my extensive experience guiding physicians and nurses through the challenges unique to their profession; the next upcoming course, yoga therapy for mothers, grew out of my private sessions with hundreds of women pre- and postpartum as well as my own experience bearing and raising two children. No matter the demographic, I tailor the tools and lifestyle guidance best suited to each group's common experience, while honoring individual needs. 

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Online Courses

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Online Courses


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Tell me about Ana Mares Guia

Ana Mares Guia (Divya Jyoti, or DJ, as her students call her) is a master yoga therapist. A reference in her field, her depth of knowledge and training in yoga psychology have improved the lives of many students in the US and abroad during her two decades of imparting yoga. In addition to seeing students individually, she trains and offers supervision for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, psychotherapists, and physicians.

Her private sessions are cutting-edge and completely honor the individual needs of each student that works with her. Sessions are offered in person in Tallahassee, Florida or remotely through FaceTime or phone.

DJ has extensive experience treating people suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fatigue. Above all, she is an expert in guiding her students to find grace and increased purpose in life.

About Ana
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