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Divya Jyoti Yoga Therapy

I train people to become physically fit and emotionally resilient.


My motto is: vitality, joy, and tranquility are your birthright!


When you think of yoga, your imagination immediately goes to the physical poses. In the yoga therapy I've developed over the last two decades, we do practice poses as a means to obtain physical health but also to sculpt specific, optimum mental health as well. 


I see my students on a weekly basis for one hour private sessions, giving us the chance to develop a very special, personalized connection.


I believe that in this era of so much constant interaction, what we all most crave is connection. Connection with each other, but above all with our own selves.


I specialize in grace. Through my extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mental health, working with thousands of people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and the like, I came to understand that while suffering has different faces, it all comes from the same source: disconnection with our true selves.


Over the years my clientele has become extremely diverse, from people suffering from very serious chronic diseases to dads wanting to increase flexibility and new moms wanting support on their journey through motherhood.


A session with me will bring my students to feel better about who they are and their social environment as we walk together through conversation, energy work, individually tailored series of yoga poses, meditation training, mental empowering, stress management practices, programs of herbal vitality boosters, and lifestyle guidelines. I now have students all over the US and the globe. Almost half of my sessions now are via FaceTime! Which is amazing and teach us about boundless connection!

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