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Our Harmony Circle   

Harmony circle is more than a group: it’s a movement, fostering and igniting patience, energy, love and kindness. You will leave the circle with tools you can continue to use for life.

Start date: January 16th, 2021
Investment: $180 
(Venmo Ana-MaresGuia)

Duration: One month 

Harmony Circle includes:

2 live sessions via Zoom, to shake things up, wake up and live it up, meaningfully. Lives will be recorded and can be watched any time. The dates for these two workshops are January 23rd at 3pm (ET) and February 13th at 3pm (ET).

Enriching weekly practices in audio and in video form, recorded by DJ especially to you on the themes of digestive health, self growth, anxiety, relationships and meditation… practices that you CAN do. You will also receive a starter video, preparing you for the uplifting month ahead.

Get recipes, inspiring video talks, and book recommendations personally selected by DJ in your inbox and through  our exclusive Facebook group — in this case, a group that means a community of like-minded people and a sacred space where we can all inspire and lift each other up.

Bonus: one intuitive consultation with DJ via e-mail, resulting in customized guidance and recommendations according to your own personal goals and needs. 

So, should you sign up?


More energy to spend doing the things you love 
An increased ability to be present in the moment 
Tools to better understand your emotions and soothe yourself 
Elevate your vibratory frequency and manifest more joy in your life 
Be aware of and learn how to strengthen your energy field
Yummy, delicious, balanced, and innovative weekly recipes to detoxify and nourish both mind and body
Feel vitality in your day to day life
The gift that keeps on giving: establish a spiritual practice that you can carry with you as a way to center and empower yourself, forever 
Access to easy-to-use audio and videos of spiritual practices that make sense with our modern life 
Upgrade your emotional and physical resilience 
Sleep better: learn how to turn the day off 
Love better: improve the quality of your relationships 
Live better: cultivate true connection with others and yourself 


No more excuses for not feeling well.

Share this good news with the people you love.

Yoga Practice

2 Lives




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