Brilliant Classrooms

Brilliant Classrooms Program:

The Divya Jyoti Method

Fostering brilliance in the classroom, one teacher at a time. 

Brilliant Classrooms is a program for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in Massachusetts.  It provides teachers and students with better personal tools to thrive in the classroom not only academically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Teachers and kids spend a large number of hours of their days in the classroom, sharing their lives and work together. The program that I have created can keep this relationship fresh, vibrant and harmonious throughout the year. It allows for the perpetuation of a space where teacher and students feel connected and nourished all day, everyday. Teachers learn to be the best teachers they know they can be, while imparting to their students yoga tools that they can carry for a lifetime.”

Ana Mares Guia (Divya Jyoti)

Curriculum Brilliant Classroom Fundamentals

Module 1:3 hours

  • Yoga as a system: how yoga can foster harmony and well-being in the context of the classroom

  • Yoga and the brain

  • Foundations of the breath

  • Exploring standing and seated positions

  • How to lead kids through yoga: finding your voice and tempo as a yoga educator

Module 2: 3 hours

  • Embodiment through yoga postures in the classroom

  • Correlations between yoga postures and the emotions

  • Quick stress release techniques for teachers and kids

  • Yoga routines for the classroom

  • Grooming the peaceful teacher within

Module 3:3 hours

  • Self-regulation of emotions through breathing

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Self-care for teachers

  • Bringing easy focus and wellbeing into the classroom

  • Exploring and solving challenges when teaching yoga tools to kids: special needs, challenging behaviors, and more.


Brilliant Classroom Fundamentals  Investment:

$250/individual rate (minimum 7 people) or $2500/group rate. 


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