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From DJ’s yoga therapy students:

About 11 years ago, DJ was my prenatal yoga teacher. Today I brought my 8 and 11 year old children to her for yoga therapy. She is a true healer. They have had a very challenging year, and after just forty-five minutes each, they both left her office transformed. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but my experience with her in prenatal yoga was similarly holistic and life-changing. DJ brings wisdom and heart into every moment, and sees the light in everyone in the room, helped my children today to be aware of their own light. We look forward to doing the homework she assigned to help with sleep, and to enhance self-care, and to coming back next week. My 11 year old son’s response: “I am enthralled”, my 8 year old daughter’s response, “when can we go back?” Jennifer Moffitt, CNM (Certified Nurse- Midwifery), RNP (Registered Nurse Practitioner), Instructor at University of Massachusetts Medical School (Department of Family Medicine and Community Health).

“Working with DJ for the past 3 years has been such a beautiful and transformative process. The work we do has breadth and depth that can’t be articulated in a review– but it is truly life changing! She is a wonderful guide, especially in the realm of eating disorder treatment! Before working with her, I had gone through multiple forms of clinical treatment, none of which inspired me to love my life and myself and desire recovery the way our work has.
If you have even a little inkling of interest in working with her, go for it! It will be so worth it
K.C., private yoga therapy teen student, Brilliant Kids Program.
DJ is amazing. I’ve been doing yoga therapy  with her once a week for almost 3 years and I can wholeheartedly say I’m a different person from having worked with her. She continues to help me recognize my gifts and my insecurities to become a better and better version of myself. Working with DJ is an whole life experience. She has helped me navigate finding a new job, body image issues, running injuries, dating, etc. etc. along with working through years of emotional trauma. Thank you DJ
Erin B., Biology teacher, Brookline.
I can’t find the words to describe working with DJ. She has changed my life. I found her studio by chance in Boston 5 years ago, and have been working with her every week since then. I didn’t know what yoga therapy was at the time but it was exactly what I was looking for; a path of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. If yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self, then DJ’s name is very fitting because she is the divine light that has guided me to myself over the past few years. I am so proud to be her student and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.”
Jessica Cicoria, student of Medicine, Brookline.
 “Ana is an exceptional yoga therapist! Her breadth of knowledge, sensitivity and skill as a counselor, and delightful personality have made our sessions profoundly helpful in guiding me to live my life to the fullest. I have nothing but the highest praise for her practice.”
Lynn Migliozzi, mom extraordinaire, Sudbury.
“DJ is extremely authentic, intuitive, and a pleasure to work with. I don’t have much time to devote to my own fulfillment and she gets the absolute most out of the time I have available for instruction. She is able to look through many of the excuses I have for why I haven’t done something about happiness entering my life. She is teaching me the value of letting go and allowing. I highly recommend DJ!”
 Tony Cicoria, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon (skype yoga therapy student)

Divya Jyoti Yoga Therapy is like a body and mind and spirit mesh of cleansing. It’s very in-depth emotional therapy where you do some physical stuff to help with your body, talk about things to help with your mental status, and then spiritual things to help with spirituality… It feels like a whole version of therapy.” K.P., Wellesley. Private yoga therapy teen student, Brilliant Kids Program.

“I went to see DJ for yoga therapy because I was interested in working with a therapist who combined talk therapy with body work who could also add a spiritual element to the work. I certainly had the experience I was looking for. DJ is down to earth and has a great sense of humor as well as a gentle and compassionate side to her. She was always fully attentive and I felt cared for in every session. She helped me feel empowered and calm in every session. I would highly recommend her as either a supervisor, teacher, or therapist.”
A. G., Therapist, Cambridge.
“Even though it’s been several years since I’ve worked with DJ, my body/mind remembers well the healing instilled through our work together. Her breadth of knowledge, skill, and deeply compassionate presence invites a unique opportunity for an embodied transformative healing.”
Marilyn Unger-Riepe, LICSW, Sudbury. (trainee and yoga therapist student)
I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Divya Jyoti as both my yoga therapist and my yoga teacher. She assisted me in coming out of a life-threatening eating disorder when no other form of treatment succeeded. She gave me the tools I needed to help myself heal and become a whole, happy and healthy person. Her yoga classes were the only ones where I felt that the teacher knew me and knew what was best for my mind and body. Like she said, we are not cattle, and we shouldn’t all be doing the same thing in yoga class. She took the time to meet individually with each student, giving each of us our own practice, then we would all come together each week and, as a group, do our individual practices. It was a beautiful and healing experience working with DJ and I cannot recommend working with her enough. I have the highest respect and gratitude for DJ and the work she is doing.
Sarah Lefsik, artist, Boston.
“The yoga therapy and relaxation sessions are  very powerful. They help me care for my body in a relaxed environment that encourages reflection and tranquility.”
L.S., Jamaica Plain
This class with Ana is the piece I have been missing in my life – physically, mentally and emotionally. Ana has an amazing presence about her, full of love, beauty, healing, and calm. She has given me an opportunity to feel safe and peaceful. I feel so grateful she has come into my life.”
P.M., Natick
After several years of weight gain and inactivity, I needed a safe place to start to move my body at a very ‘beginners” level – a place where I wouldn’t have to feel preoccupied or embarrassed that my large body would not fit in with the others in the group. D.J.’s yoga  is a safe haven for those who are longing to stretch out and begin to get their bodies connected to their heads in a way that feels comfortable and at their own pace.By Thursday night, I was tired and my body felt crammed up from sitting at my computer all week, going home to sit at my computer more at night (or fall asleep in front of the TV) and being relatively inactive. It is a little miracle that after dragging myself to class on a Thursday evening at the end of a busy work week, I actually left class feeling better than I had all week. Feeling this good while driving home from yoga on Thursday nights, I was convinced that I needed to incorporate more of this type of yoga into my days. I am hopeful that I can feel good every day if I continue to incorporate more yoga into my week.DJ is warm, respectful, and patient, she allows me to move at my own pace – thank you  DJ for offering a safe haven where individuals at all levels can make a step forward towards feeling better no matter what type of body they show up with.”

L.R. , Newton.


 From DJ’s trainees, mentees and supervisees:


I joined Ana’s class knowing very little about yoga. I have learned so much in the class and now feel that I can begin using my skills with my private clients. The atmosphere in the class was nurturing and kept me engaged with the material at all times. We also had fun! I would recommend this class for anyone that wants to bring a mindfulness practice into their work with their clients. The skills I learned will be invaluable to me and to my clients.”
Beth Mayer, LICSW, CEO of MEDA (Multi-service eating disorders association), Newton.
Ana’s relaxed style allows for wisdom and instruction to flow easily throughout the session. I learned a wonderful blend of theory and practice, useful for myself and clients. Thank you, Ana.”
Dr. Lisa Pearl, MS, RD, LDN, CEDRD, CEDS, Founder of  CNC 360, Counseling and Nutrition Center, Lexington.
Ana is an excellent teacher. She has a profound understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga and helps students to see very clearly the connection to the healing of eating disorders. As she teaches the practice of yoga, she helps the trainees to translate their learning into their psychodynamic work. For me what I’ve learned expands and deepens the movement work that I have done in the past. Ana inspires me to deepen my own yoga practice- which deepens my centeredness and presence with my clients- that being the most powerful healing I have to offer to my clients.”
Marilyn Unger-Riepe, LICSW, Sudbury.
This course was a great opportunity to learn about yoga more specifically as it relates to the field of mental health and helping those with eating disorders to heal and find wholeness. Not only did I learn a variety of postures and techniques, but importantly, a way of thinking in applying them. Ana (Divya Jyoti) was a wonderful and skilled teacher who created a welcoming space for me to directly experience for myself what I will be incorporating in the work with my clients.”
Dr. Michelle Spomer, Phd, psychologist, Arlington.
 “Class was heart opening and provided me with a reaffirmation of my path. This class came at just the right time in my life when I am making some decisions about my future path and direction. DJ is a truly gifted teacher. Thank you, DJ!”
Lisa Harrington, yoga teacher

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  1. I went to see DJ for yoga therapy because I was interested in working with a therapist who combined talk therapy with body work who could also add a spiritual element to the work. I certainly had the experience I was looking for. DJ is down to earth and has a great sense of humor as well as a gentle and compassionate side to her. She was always fully attentive and I felt cared for in every session. She helped me feel empowered and calm in every session. I would highly recommend her as either a supervisor, teacher, or therapist.

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